The Word….

                                  March 31st  – April 14th


Reflections of the last few weeks

We have made quite a bit of progress on our sharp scales and the use of enharmonics.  Please continue to use this knowledge to get through the current literature in your folders.


Rehearsals have been going pretty well, however I am not pleased with the amount of (or lack of) individual effort that is going into learning your new music.  Remember that it is your responsibility to know what fingers to put down—I can’t do that for you.  You all know where to locate fingering charts.

Goals for the next two weeks

We will be starting in on the flat side of the circle of fifths—please make sure you have that handy for class as well as your scale sheets.

We have three major performances coming up that we need to be preparing for:  Washington DC, The Birthday Party, and our Spring Concert.

Washington DC:   You should be preparing Aladdin, Pink Panther, Vaudeville, Shrek, Barnum and Bailey.  We will also do Time of My Life, Learn to Fly and Seasons of Love.  Percussion-we will have to modify your parts for this to meet the instruments we will have available to play on.  Mellos and Sousaphones will use their concert instruments.  Emily, you can bring your flute if you want.  Guard—you can play along or sit there and look pretty.  I may also be adding God Bless the USA

Spring concert:  The Light Eternal and  one or two selections from the DC trip list.  Concerning Light Eternal:  Please review phrase beating, how to go from 6/8 to 2/4, any terms located on the music and review the story behind the piece before Wednesday.  Also—make sure you can play that fugue (round) section.

Washington DC trip

We will be discussing the trip at this month’s booster meeting on Wednesday; 7:00 p.m. in the band room.  All chaperones should plan on attending.  If your parents have any questions or concerns, they should plan on attending this meeting as well.